Kush Kitchen Gum Pop 180mg THC

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Type: Edibles
Info:Shell - 150mg THC / Gum - 30mg THC
Brand: Kush Kitchen

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Kush Kitchen is proud to be the first creator of the THC Medicated Gum Pop. Kush Kitchen Gum Pop consists of natural ingredients, and available in flavors, such as Strawberry/Bubble Gum, Blueberry/Peach, Watermelon/Lime, Watermelon/Strawberry, Grape/Cherry, Lemon/Lime. 180mg of pure goodness. Shell — 150mg THC, Gum — 30mg THC. 18g each.

The Kush Kitchen Gum Pop is designed to make your experience the same each time you enjoy the product. Every edible is at the highest regard for quality and consistency. That means no chemicals, no harmful pesticides, and no additives. The Kush Kitchen Gum Pop are consumed for recreational and medical purposes and can induce a wide range of effects including relaxation, euphoria, increased appetite, fatigue, and anxiety. 

You Can Order 10 pieces, Buy More Pay Less

"Ordered 6 pops. These blow pops are out of this world! Fairly potent also definite body buzz after eating just the top half first!"

05.02.2020 14:55

Tasted very good with a great body high. Probably one of the best tasting edibles I’ve eaten thus far.

09.02.2020 21:53

Super strong. great sucker.great value and quality

25.05.2020 16:19

So worth the money! I tasted it with my husband and omg, the high was awesome, and the gym tastes just like bubba.

16.08.2020 20:19

Highly recommended! Great for both first-time users or experienced.

19.11.2020 16:04

I tried it for relaxation and anxiety. Was great. Will try again!

28.01.2021 16:11

My favorites are strawberry and grape!!

04.04.2021 02:13

Highly enjoyed! High for like 2 hours) very unexpecting that but who cares)

27.07.2021 19:14

Kush Kitchen impresses me always with texture, tastes, and variety of flavors.

10.08.2021 10:38

Amazing product. Takes me on a space trip easily. Beyond space and time.