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Left Coast Gummy Co 150mg THC

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Type: Edibles 
Info: 6 pieces of 25mg THC
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Left Coast is a new edible company that started in May 2018 and has exploded into the cannabis community. Being a product from British Columbia that has expanded into Toronto. Created one beautifully packaged product that is easily identifiable.

It is one of the few cannabis companies that have packaging that looks like it belongs on the shelves with all the other products at the grocery store. The gummies are infused with Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil that has been lab-tested to ensure proper dosing. Each packet of Left Coast gummies contains 6 gummy diamonds. Each diamond contains 25mg of THC with the total bag having 150mg.

The gummy texture is very similar to a store-bought gummy. The consistency is uniform throughout and enjoyable to eat. With these gummies, you will feel like eating a store-bought product. There is no distinguishable cannabis taste from the infusion, allowing each colour’s taste to come through.

Green being lime, red/pink — like red gummy bears/strawberry, and the orange — like orange flavour.

Being a gummy consistency, the noticeable effect comes into 30 minutes but may take up to two hours depending on your body and what’s in your stomach.
Buy Left Coast Gummy 150 THC online in Canada and be ready for a new experience of the entourage effect.

The Entourage Effect is the combined effect of different cannabinoids and terpenes compounds found in cannabis that work together as a whole to produce greater therapeutic benefits than if working separately. 

90% Organic Ingredients: natural spring water, gelatin, organic golden cane sugar, premium hybrid THC oil, citric acid and natural colours.

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Left Coast Gummy Co 150mg THC
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14.02.2020 07:01

Wife and I just got into edibles as we were given some Left Coast Gummies at 150mg a bag. We love the texture, the taste, the quality, just about everything. We've tried others but nothing has compared yet.