Blue Minis Shrooms 7g

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Type: Magic Mushroom

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Blue Minis are potent mushrooms that provide you with a smooth high. Experience a peaceful state of mind and colorful exuberance with Blue Minis.

In for a treat? This potent and exotic mushroom is prepared to take you on an unforgettable trip. Expect to feel your mood elevated and euphoric after approximately 10 to 30 minutes after consuming the Blue Minis.

Recommended doses of the Blue Minis start between 1.25 – 1.5 grams per 100 lbs of body weight. Additional doses range from mild (0.5 – 1 gram), moderate (1.25 – 2 grams) or full (2.5 – 4 grams).

13.01.2019 15:07

Very very nice. Ordered 14g, mostly nice fat caps. High-quality product! Thanks, guys, nice job!

19.01.2020 21:14

Most potent shrooms ever tried. Even got a decent buzz from 1g.

01.04.2020 19:16

The second-best shrooms ever. Intense waves, excellent audio hallucinations, good visuals. Will definitely be ordering more.

14.05.2020 20:19

1st time ordering here. Very impressed with product quality. would recommend

05.08.2020 16:14

Great mushrooms! Awesome look! Wonderful taste! Took 7 g and had a great trip with visuals and mild ego death. Stronger than the golden teachers for sure.

05.10.2020 16:54

Mushrooms show how incredibly beautiful our world is.

22.10.2020 19:17

It’s important to remember that a magic mushroom is not a magic bullet. It is the beginning only. It will bestow you with fresh eyes, and a clear mind.

01.11.2020 19:56

Crazy visuals! Wow! Just wow! So cool!

31.01.2021 21:39

I understand now the saying that a dose of psilocybin is the equivalent of ten years of therapy. This far exceeded my expectations. The best meds ever!

02.03.2021 16:39

I deal with depression, anxiety, and alcoholism and antidepressants aren't effective. The mushrooms definitely help me deal with all issues mentioned.