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What Are Yoda Extracts And Why Are They Among The Best THC and CBD Distillate products in Canada?

Yoda Extracts is a brand known for products containing some of the most potent cannabis distillates you can buy in Canada. The Yoda Extracts logo on the product is a guarantee that it has enough THC force to get you as high as a galaxy far, far away, whether it is a $65 1000 mg THC vape pen or a 3000 mg THC tincture for $80, a 1g of shatter per $30 or a 1000 mg THC syringe, ($35).

Yoda Extracts Vape Pen 1000mg THC Disposable goes in our store with a $5 discount and will be your Jedi sword in your fight against depression, anxiety and numerous other conditions sent by the Dark Side. This vape pen is easy to use, hits hard, leaves no distinctive smell, and contains some of the greatest amounts of THC among all the disposable weed vape pens available for sale in Canada.

$ 65 Scroll-on 1000 mg THC cartridges by Yoda Extracts contain the same amount of THC and are available pre-loaded with several distillates from various strains, just as disposable pens.

While 1000 mg THC and CBD syringes by Yoda Extracts let you experiment yourself with some of the most potent cannabis extracts in the Universe for as low as $ 35.

3000mg THC Tincture and 3000mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture by Yoda Extracts contain the purest distillates and cost as low as $80. These tinctures will make you focused like a lightsabre!