What Dosage of CBD Should You Take?

CBD isn’t psychoactive — meaning it won’t get you “high.” No matter what condition you’re trying to treat with CBD, giving yourself an adequate dosage is key — or it might not work for you. It can be tough to figure out how much CBD you should take. There are no official recommendations on that matter from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

So far, numerous scientific studies have shown that there’s no universally fitting dosage of cannabidiol for everyone. Depending on multiple traits, like weight, age and individual tolerance, the tested subjects, including humans and pets, have shown varied responses towards the same dosages of CBD.

Most of the patients that took part in studies on humans were administered from as low as 20 mg of CBD to as much as 1.5 g of CBD per day.

How To Determine Your Perfect Dose

Your perfect dosage of CBD depends on many nuances, such as your individual response and the exact condition requiring treatment with CBD. Mind that the amount of cannabidiol in various pills, capsules, gummies and drops varies as well, so pay attention to what is written on their labels.

It’s impossible to overdose lethally on CBD. Still, unless you’re prescribed a specific dose of CBD, start as low as taking 10 mg to 20 mg daily to avoid adverse side effects. You’ll be able to make sure CBD doesn’t cause any unwanted effects, including allergic reactions, within a week of daily use.

Then start increasing your dosage gradually by 5 mg every few days until you start feeling that it’s effectively alleviating the symptoms of your condition. You can start with a double dose of 40 mg a day if your symptoms require immediate treatment. If you still feel negative symptoms such as pain within few days, increase your dosage to 45-50 mg of CBD daily. When you start feeling better, you've reached your individual right dosage.

How To Calculate Your Dose In a CBD Product

Most CBD products, such as pills, gummies and capsules, are labelled with how much CBD a single serving contains. It’s easy to sort out that a single pill or capsule contains 5 mg of CBD if it’s indicated on their package. However, with CBD oil or tinctures, things get a bit trickier. 

Most CBD oils come in dropper bottles. If the packaging or the label on the bottle specifies the approximate amount of CBD in a single drop – then great! All you need is to calculate how many drops you require to get your daily dose. But sometimes, only the total amount of CBD in an entire bottle is indicated on a package or a label, leaving the calculation of CBD in a single drop to the final consumer. In this case, you should remember that one single drop’s volume is approximately 0.05 ml. Thus, 1 ml contains 20 droplets.

Here’s an example: you’ve bought a 10 ml bottle of CBD oil with 1000 mg of CBD content in it in total. It means that this bottle contains approximately 10*20=200 drops of CBD oil, with each drop having 1000 mg/200 drops =5 mg of CBD per one drop. To put it simply: the number of droplets in a bottle =  (volume of the bottle in ml)*20. And the amount of CBD in mg in each drop = (total amount of CBD in mg in a bottle)/(number of droplets). Sounds easy!

How To Take CBD Tincture Or CBD Oil

This is a quick, easy and effective way of taking CBD. Using the up-titration method, use the pipette supplied. Drops should be placed under the tongue and held for 60 seconds. Here are a few tips for administering CBD drops under the tongue:

- Don’t smoke, eat or drink anything for about 5 minutes before and after using CBD
- Stand in front of a mirror to see the exact quantity of drops you’re placing under your tongue
- Let the drops sit there for around one to two minutes
- After two minutes, swallow what’s left of the CBD oil

Cannabidiol is very well-tolerated in general. But still, some patients might experience appetite swings, dizziness, nausea or diarrhea after taking CBD. What makes CBD such a promising medicine is that it has very few adverse side effects even in case of overdose, and it’s practically impossible to overdose lethally on CBD. 

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