Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bombs 240/600/1200mg THC Indica/Sativa

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Type: Edibles
Info:12 Pieces, 240-1200mg THC
Brand: Euphoria Extractions
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We could not be more thrilled to announce the launch of Euphoria Extractions' newest, most exciting, and possibly most delicious of all cannabis edibles in Canada – Shatter Bombs! These ultra-decadent infused shatter bombs are made with the finest imported Belgian chocolate, premium cannabis extracts, and the most decadent ganache filling the center, for the ultimate in cannabis infusions and an absolutely unforgettable experience.

Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bombs come in 4 varieties – Indica and Sativa strains with THC concentrations ranging from 50mg per piece to an explosive 100mg per piece! One bite of any of these delicious confections and it is easy to see why the 1200mg box comes with a Warning label – they are seriously tasty and one bite, or one chocolate, might not be enough for your sweet tooth. Each box contains four flavours – Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, Dulce de Leche, Strawberry Wafer, and Cookies N Cream.

Consume Orally. The effect of the product might not kick in until after an hour. Allow time to pass before consuming more.

12.01.2023 16:50

These are such a great flavor! Very relaxing! Work nicely. Will buy again! Thx!

14.01.2023 22:39

The best flavor mix out of all of Euphoria’s chocos. Nice effects as well. Will probably buy this pack again!

24.01.2023 12:13

I got a delicate buzz from this and was able to have a great day.

03.02.2023 13:01

Happy and satisfied.

03.02.2023 17:41

Nice to eat before a meal and feel relaxed afterward.

09.02.2023 20:45

Elegant packaging. The product is of high quality.

17.02.2023 19:26

I slept like a baby all night after taking them.

27.02.2023 15:13

These bombs got me nice and high!

01.03.2023 16:56

A smooth high and a smooth cooldown.

05.03.2023 10:08

I got these for the game and all my buddies took one, they were gone in an hour))

05.03.2023 23:32

Makes me happy to be high and enjoy myself once in a while))

07.03.2023 15:35

A fantastic, well-balanced high that left me feeling great for hours!