Сannabis variety packs

4 Reasons Why Cannabis Variety Packs Are Among Prime Weed Options To Buy At The Best Price In Canada

Cannabis variety packs are among the greatest options from marijuana products available in Canada. There are several reasons why you won’t regret buying variety packs. Canada is cannabis heaven in terms of legislation and availability of weed goods. But if you want to broaden your experience with marijuana, then ordering a variety pack is definitely worth trying. Why so? Let’s have a look.


1.)    The reasonable price is the most obvious advantage of cannabis variety packs. Finding your strain of choice can hit you in the pocket, but not with products like the Mix Weed Ounce AAA+. Our store offers this wonderful selection of cannabis flowers for only $ 179. This is a very reasonable price tag, considering the fact that if you buy the components of this awesome variety package separately, the same amount of weed will cost $ 246. In, other words, ordering a variety pack from our store lets you save $ 67. Not bad at all. You get so much more dope for less dough.

2.)    Having an ounce of weed at hand feels so much better than just 3.5 grams. You create a solid weed stash with just one order from our store. That's a valuable factor if you need to stay medicated daily.

3.)    The small-batched ounces are created for our most dedicated customers. We value their loyalty, providing them with the best marijuana buds. You get the fresh-cut and the tastiest marijuana flowers available in Canada.

4.)    The opportunity to experiment with different strains to build your perfect high in the way you want it. All of the components of our perfect best-selling variety package contain hefty amounts of THC.

But you may get interested in something more than just an amount of THC.

The combination of the effects of these strains may help you build a unique high due to the powerful inter-strain entourage effect of the interaction between the components of different strains. It can surprise you with a never-before-experienced state of pleasant relaxation, resulting in an extremely sedating couch-locking effect.

Having several weed strains from cannabis variety packs at hand is a perfect instrument for modulating your high to your like.