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CBD Edibles
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Wesley Tea Company 20mg CBD Tea

Wesley Tea Company 20mg CBD Tea

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Wesley Tea Company 20/60mg THC Tea

What are CBD edibles and how can I buy the best CBD edibles in Canada?

CBD edibles in Canada are the next big thing, a really growing trend. This is not surprising, considering that more and more people discover the beneficial effects of cannabidiol or CBD for their health. People buy CBD edibles online to get legal, highly effective and absolutely safe medication.

Cannabidiol-infused food products or CBD edibles are appealing to many because eating something appears to be one of the easiest and the most natural and discreet ways to medicate oneself with cannabidiol.

What can be easier than having a snack with your favourite food craftily pre-infused with a thoroughly measured healing portion of CBD?


What you should know before you buy CBD edibles

Cannabidiol is well-known for its ability to deal with a wide spectre of medical conditions. As other CBD products, CBD edibles relieve the symptoms of

  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • insomnia,
  • seizures,
  • inflammations.
  • chronic muscle and joint pains
  • inability to stay focused, to name a few.

Unlike other methods of medication with cannabidiol, CBD edibles take a longer time to kick in – usually up to an hour. But in their turn, CBD edibles produce a much longer medication effect, lasting two to four hours longer, than other CBD products.

Needless to say, that this feature of CBD edibles is valuable in case of fighting some persistent chronic condition, like chronic pains. But that’s not all yet.


How safe are CBD edibles?

Ordering CBD edibles online from a legit store like ours, you can be 100% sure that you’re getting lab-tested organic products from the best manufacturers in Canada.

Another cool fact about CBD edibles is that it’s nearly impossible to overdose on them. Even if you take too much CBD by chance, eating a whole pack of CBD gummies at once, side effects will be minimal and may include some drowsiness, fatigue, and in the worst-case scenario – some diarrhea. This feature makes CBD edibles an amazing alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals.


Types of CBD edibles in Canada

There are two major types of CBD edibles in Canada.

    -   CBD-dominant edibles that contain only cannabidiol, with no traceable amounts of THC.

    -   THC/CBD balanced edibles that contain equal amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol


CBD is praised for its ability to alleviate medicinal symptoms without getting patients high. So, if you want to enjoy marijuana medical benefits without getting stoned, then your choice would be such products as $20 MOTA White CBD Clear Sphere 100mg, $ 16 MOTA Sour Squares Candy 300mg CBD or $ 23 MOTA Strawberry and Key Lime Jellies 200mg CBD. These products are easy to dose and contain isolated cannabidiol only.

However, the tricky thing about cannabidiol is that it unwinds its healing potential to the full extent in the presence of its famous intoxicating relative derived from cannabis – tetrahydrocannabinol.

And on the contrary, while the presence of THC makes CBD more potent, CBD itself mellows the effect of THC, reducing THC's undesirable side effects like a paranoid race of thoughts, anxiety and panic attacks.

That’s why so many customers who buy CBD edibles online prefer to choose balanced CBD/THC products like $ 16 MOTA 1:1 Tropical Jellies 50mg THC & 50mg CBD rather than CBD-dominant edibles.                      

So, while these THC/CBD balanced edibles do induce some euphoric cannabis effect, it’s usually devoid of its negative sides and will perfectly do for THC-sensitive people with low tolerance.


So how do I dose CBD edibles?

No matter whether you use CBD-dominant or CBD/THC-balanced edibles, the best (and the most cost-effective) idea is to start with small doses, gradually increasing them until you reach the desired effect.The packages of CBD edibles in Canada often primarily reflect the total amount of active substance in a whole pack, so you should divide this amount per quantity of pieces in a bag to understand how much is contained in a single piece.