Baby Yoda Smalls AAAA+

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Type: CannabisIndica, AAAA
Info:THC 24%
Tags:AAA+, Craft, Quad

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Baby Yoda is an Indica cannabis strain with a potent and sedative onset of effects and a THC level of 24%. Baby Yoda is perfect for medical and recreational consumers and an ideal strain for night-time use right before bed also. Although not much information is available regarding this Indica-dominant strain's origins, it's slightly reminiscent of Watermelon Zkittlez strain.

Baby Yoda's buds are smaller in shape but densely packed with a frosting of golden trichomes, vivid yellow-orange pistils, and bright green with slight but noticeable tinges of violets and purples. Baby Yoda produces sweet and earthy flavors and aromas. The dominant terpenes are Beta-Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Alpha-Pinene. Myrcene helps start an opioid-like mechanism of action for treating pain and is used to aid sleep. Pinene alleviates tooth pain and decreases chronic inflammation and has anti-anxiety effects. Caryophyllene works as a powerhouse to reduce any irritation and pain, may be beneficial for insomnia because of its relaxing properties also.

Baby Yoda is an ideal strain to treat ailments such as Insomnia and stress. Also perfectly helps with depression, PTSD, appetite loss, and headaches.
Buy now super-strong Baby Yoda Indica and "May the force be with you.”

22.11.2021 09:03

Baby Yoda is super amazing bud. Really sticky beautiful colours and gives a wonderful indica high.

11.01.2022 16:18

This bud is fantastic. Perfect for after work, when you just want to unwind.

26.01.2022 20:40

Wonderful smell and taste, with a potent THC level. Great nighttime weed. Helps with my anxiety and panic attacks.

02.02.2022 12:32

Awesome taste and smell also. I would recommend this for any regular smoker.

16.02.2022 14:29

This strain is a go-to for nighttime use and helps me achieve a nice, deep restful sleep.

26.02.2022 18:17

Nice skunky aroma, and sweet undertones. Would recommend this one to any experienced toker, and would purchase it again.

02.03.2022 10:57

Perfect if you are looking for sedation, relaxation, and lucidity to talk.

17.03.2022 15:19

This is exactly what I was looking for stress, and extreme relaxation thank you!

24.03.2022 21:02

I absolutely use this strain for stress and depression. Can be a solid nightcap too.