Storm Extracts Pilot's Gummies 500mg THC

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Type: Edibles
Info:5 pieces of 100mg THC
Brand: Storm Extracts


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18.08.2020 03:11

Arrived promptly (actually a day early!). Tasty little morsels, my hubby and I are getting some pain relief and some sleep support! Thank you!

24.11.2020 16:50

Great product! Good taste! Relieve my pain perfectly!

28.01.2021 19:13

Arrived in good shape in just a few days. Well packed and I am thrilled. Thank you LJE!

12.02.2021 19:11

The gummies are excellent for relaxing at night: improve sleeping quality without any side effects.

01.03.2021 20:01

Following my dosage worked wonders for pain! I'm happy!

25.05.2021 14:42

Fast shipping! No weed taste. It basically tastes like candy!!!! Super tasty! 2 gummies gave me a nice high! Love it.

02.07.2021 20:02

I love it! I have bad back pain and honestly, it helps me.

04.08.2021 15:37

I bought strawberry and grape and am very happy with the product.

16.08.2021 16:09

I was excited to have my order of pilot's gummies today! It’s a sweet treat before bedtime and they help me sleep. Thank you!

25.08.2021 12:36

We wake up each morning with a lot more energy and excitement for the day. Great product!

26.08.2021 11:23

Love these ..a new favorite. A great mood booster