Trans Envy Magic Mushrooms

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Type: Magic Mushroom

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Trans Envy Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Trans Envy) is a strain created by a Vancouver Island spore vendor Spores Lab. 

The Trans Envy magic mushroom strain is actually the result of a fortuitous mix-up! 2 Rye grain bags, one colonized with South African Transkei and one with Penis Envy were unknowingly mixed when building a fruiting tray. This produced some hybrid mushrooms which were isolated, and through extensive isolation, this genetic now consistently displays characteristics of both varieties!

Its effects also combine the best of both strains, offering the bodily vibration and socially stimulating experience commonly associated with Transkei, along with the vivid visuals and intense euphoria expected from a Penis Envy experience.

It grows large fruiting bodies that largely resemble Transkei mushrooms, with distinct Penis Envy features, like a thicker stem, pale caps, and increased potency. It is a moderate producer with lighter-than-average sporulation (another Penis Envy characteristic).

Buy now Trans Envy Magic Mushrooms and feel the power of nature.

27.12.2021 11:55

Wow! These babies are amazing. I’ve tried many different shrooms and they’ve all been awesome, but these are definitely my new favourite! Do yourself a favour and get some of these, they don’t disappoint! Thanks, LJE!

03.01.2022 10:54

I had one of the best weekends ever on these! My dogs turned purple so did the trees and my brother, lol)) It was wonderful! I will again.

06.01.2022 15:39

Eat 4 grams and was gone very nice high be careful with the dose.

09.01.2022 20:22

I was tired of the grass, I sat so tightly on it that I decided to stop. I noticed that she was already interfering with my life. There are many empty movements, but things are not done. I gave up alcohol a couple of years ago. I started microdose right in 2 weeks, noticed changes for the better, healthy indifference, no fuss about trifles.

11.01.2022 13:17

I had the best time ever! I felt and literally saw how everything around me was connected. It gave me a fresh perspective on my life, a ton of euphoria and lots of energy (I power-danced for 90 minutes in front of huge subs at a techno gig).