Terra Tonic Hash Gummies 500mg THC

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Type: Edibles
Info:500mg THC
Brand: Terra Tonic

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Every batch is carefully infused with full spectrum solvent-less hash rosin from terpene and cannabinoid rich strains from some of the finest cultivators in Canada. The process – while not simple – is essential for delivering the quality we are beyond excited to provide. Delicious and effective! Try these out today.

20.08.2022 19:14

Natural flavours make them a treat for me and my wife.

10.09.2022 21:51

Has the capacity to reduce my knee pain and other chronic aches.

27.09.2022 12:07

These gummies give me powerful relief without going into high concentration.

10.10.2022 15:29

The flavors are healthful and natural. Wonderful product!

28.10.2022 19:32

Helps me in beating depression, and mood swings)