Nature's Harvest Audrey's Edibles Premium Gummies 500mg THC

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Type: Edibles
Info:10 pieces of 50mg THC
Brand: Nature's Harvest

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Indulge in these full spectrum fast acting 10 gummies per pack 500mg total per pack (50mg x 10) sour gummies by Audrey's Edibles.

Produced with the greatest of care, A delicious line of edibles created by the finest confectionary chefs. Made from the highest quality ingredients and cannabis extracts, creating an optimal medicinal and flavorful experience! (FULL SPECTRUM THC DISTILLATE).

Order Nature's Harvest Audrey's Edibles Premium Gummies 500mg THC today. Very tasty gummies.

27.08.2022 19:17

Anyone know if they're actually full spectrum edibles?

17.09.2022 12:33

I like the Audrey’s edibles a lot. I was told they are made from a mix of rso and distillate. They hit super hard