Kush Kitchen Medicated Chocolate 1000mg THC

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Type: Edibles
Info:THC Chocolate 1000mg
Brand: Kush Kitchen

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1000mg of pure THC distillate has been infused into this delicious Birthday Cake Bar. Each bar breaks into 15 pieces for easy and accurate micro-dosing (66mg/piece). Made with creamy Belgium white chocolate and coated with vanilla-flavored sprinkles. Order Today.

16.01.2020 21:19

The taste is excellent! 2 pieces are enough for me and 1 for my wife! Really sweet sleep after. To feel the effect, wait for about 1 hour.

10.03.2020 21:45

This is my all time fav chocolate to buy! Awesome effects and perfect relaxation. It takes about 45 minutes to feel the effects. Definitely a must buy!

01.04.2020 10:04

I love this one i suffer from severe migraine and if i take 4 to 6 squares it will get rid of the migraine within the hour and it tastes great.

26.05.2020 22:12

These bars are very relaxing and anxiety-free.

21.07.2020 09:17

Best I’ve ever had!!! Lovely vanilla-flavored chocs.

05.08.2020 19:54

Excellent purchase to have great tasting chocolate bar with a sweet kick) One square is all I need to relax up to 6 hours.

12.09.2020 15:21

The Best THC Chocolate I've ever had. It melts in a mouth deliciously. Such a wonderful product. I will definitely get it next time.

20.10.2020 11:29

It’s my favorite bar! Great taste and nice high.

15.12.2020 21:19

This chocolate continues to impress me! Strong enough!

10.01.2021 18:28

Chocolate and cannabis, probably two of the most favorite things in the world. If you adore cannabis and chocolate as I do, then you have to try this wonderful combination!

27.02.2021 11:04

Quality product, amazing taste, wonderful high.

17.04.2021 15:55

Stronger than I expected. Milk chocolate with vanilla-flavored. Definitely will order more!

25.06.2021 06:16

Great product. Please get it back in stock soon.

13.07.2021 08:52

This chocolate is delicious and potent! I'm in love with it!

10.09.2021 19:08

I love the taste, the effects, the packaging, the price! Highly recommend!