Kush Kitchen Medicated Chocolate Bars 1000mg THC S'mores

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Type: Edibles
Info:THC Chocolate 1000mg
Brand: Kush Kitchen

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Edibles with 1000mg of pure THC distillate has been infused into this delicious Birthday Cake Bar. Each bar breaks into 15 pieces for easy and accurate micro-dosing (66mg/piece).

THC infused white and milk chocolate bar with sprinkles

Made with creamy Belgium white chocolate and coated with vanilla flavoured sprinkles.

27.11.2022 13:31

This chocolate melts beautifully and tastes wonderful. This is my second order and I have been extremely happy both times with the level of quality of the products I’ve received.

03.12.2022 11:02

Flavor is delicious. I will purchase again. Thank you.

12.12.2022 17:09

Love this product, perfect for relaxing

02.01.2023 22:58

Loved it!!

09.01.2023 19:24

Great taste and very versatile.