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Viterra Vape Pen 700 mg Full Spectrum Extract

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Type: Vapes
Rechargeable & Refillable, Full Spectrum Eextract 700mg

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Viterra Vape Pen 700 mg Full Spectrum Extract 

Viterra Vape Pen 700 mg is the discreet, simple and easy way to deliver high-potency cannabis. It contains premium grade honey oil that is extracted using methods to preserve the complete natural terpene profiles, flavonoids, CBD, CBN, & THC.

Viterra Vape Pen comes in an elegant plastic case. Original size without case — 11.8 cm. So vape pen is portable and looks great in hands. If you like disposal vape pen from London Donovan, then you would like Viterra Vape Pen too. Minimalist design for discreet vaping.

Using a pre-loaded vape pen allows for a highly controlled dose with each inhalation. This gives the user full autonomy of how much or little to consume. + 99-130 Inhalations. You decide how to have fun, relax or work. Also best for parties and private. Enjoy noticeable, effective pain and symptom relief when medicating with Viterra Vape Pen FSE. Try it.

Additional Info: Viterra Vape Pen are rechargeable. Look for slot at bottom of pen, plug in ONLY an Android cable to charge pen. Pens can only be recharged using an android charger. You may need to inhale pen a few times to start charging process while the pen is connected.

Viterra Vape Pen 700 mg Full Spectrum Extract
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My big favorite ! Love to smoke it everywhere I go. Vepe pen last long (over a month) and the product is just perfect for aroused good times with my boyfriend !