Storm Extracts Vape Cartridges 500mg THC

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Type: Vapes
Info:500mg THC
Tags:Pre-Roll, Hash, CBD
Brand: Storm Extracts


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510 Threaded THC Vape Cartridges by Storm Extracts contain the highest quality distillate with a punch of your favourite, natural flavour.

THC vape pens are perfect for those who need their THC through a more discrete method of delivery. This Disposable THC pen utilizes vaping technology offering a safer, cleaner high as it heats the THC Oil into vapor / aerosol. Each pen is made with purified distillate as well as organic terpenes which perfectly mimic the taste and smell of particular strains that you are interested, without the harmful effects of CO2 derived oils. Disposable Vape pens are also self contained, meaning there is no additional charging or battery required. Should you, however, run out of battery for whatever reason, there is a micro USB port accessible at the bottom of the pen (you'll need to unscrew the bottom part to access it).

28.02.2022 19:52

Enjoyed it very pleasant. The mango was smooth. Thank you for the nice taste.

18.05.2022 13:46

The high from this was extremely satisfying and intense.

09.09.2022 21:18

The most prominent features of the Storm Extracts Vape cartridge are its’ flavor and effect

22.09.2022 11:53

Awesome smell, taste, and high! Overall, I'm very pleased with Storm Extracts' products.

13.10.2022 15:07

Sits enjoyably on the palate, with wonderful flavors.

19.10.2022 12:33

This cartridge of GG#4 will bust your lungs if you go too long.

03.11.2022 17:44

Storm Extracts Vape cartridge designed with metal 510 threads at the base to fit your standard battery.

24.02.2023 22:26

Flavour and high are very good…all five cartridges stopped working after 25-50% of consumption.

25.02.2023 15:20

It's one puff and off to la-la land...

27.02.2023 22:13

Love the feeling I get. Very calming and relaxing! Work nicely. Will buy again! Thx!

28.02.2023 07:21

Hits smooth, and has a good taste. Nice effects as well.

01.03.2023 11:44

Really works well. Helps me with my anxiety.

02.03.2023 13:13

Enjoyed it very pleasant. The mango was smooth. Thank you for the nice taste.

05.03.2023 07:26

I feel like an astronaut: happy and satisfied))