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White Shark Organic Pre-Roll 1.2gm

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Type: Pre-Roll 
Info: THC 18%, Hybrid, Indica, Organic Fire
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Pre-Rolls are a common product for those looking to buy weed online. Pre-Rolls joints are discreet, disposable and cheap compared to other methods of smoking such as bongs or vaporizers. Rolling a joint can require time and practice. Save yourself time and mess and order pre-rolls today. It is very convenient when you don’t have time to roll a joint by yourself.  

Pre-Rolls are rolled up of the latest top strains giving you a fantastic high. Made with Raw paper, which is very pure, unlike anything that you have ever seen before.

White Shark — is are Indica-dominant strain. The Genesis of this strain of cannabis originates from the three-way cross of South India, Brazil and super Skunk. This variety was first bred in Amsterdam. And still remains one of the most popular. It has a long-lasting effect on the body and mind. White Shark Organic has very strong, long-lasting effects with a quick onset.
Preparations of this weed strain cause a pleasant nervous feeling, relieves daily stress, improves mood, cause laughter and produce a pleasant buzz throughout my body. Buy White Shark Organic Pre-Roll at a low price online now.

Strain Information:
Organic Fire
Indica 75% / Sativa 25%
THC: 16 - 20%
Grade Quality: AAAAA

Strain Attributes:
Effects  – Talkative, Happy, Giggly, Uplifted, Euphoric
May Relieve – Stress, Depression, Pain, Headaches
Flavors  – Sweet, Earthy, Citrus

Weight: 1.2g
Cannabis Type: Indica-dominant strain
Package: Each pre-roll is packed in a black tube

White Shark Organic Pre-Roll 1.2gm
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This is fantastic. really really liked this. Crazy good looks!