Lady-Jane pre-roll

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Type: Pre-Roll 
Info:THC 20%
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Our Lady Jane pre-rolls are excellent for people who want to buy some strong weed online. Packed and rolled with Raw Classic King-Sized Cone rolling paper which is very pure, unlike anything that you have ever seen before.
However, rolling a joint can require time and practice. It is very inconvenient when you have a lack of time to roll it. Save your time, forget about mess and order pre-rolls today.

Lady Jane pre-roll may include the following strains:

Granddaddy Purple
Pineapple Express
Amnesia OG
Girl Scout Cookies
Tom Ford
Ghost Train Haze
Watermelon Zkitles
Birthday Cake
El Chapo
Bruce Banner
Pink Kush
Gorilla Glue #4
Gelato Kush

Weight: 1.2g
Package: Each Lady Jane pre-roll is packed individually in a black tube.

Order our Lady Jane pre-rolls today.

01.09.2019 16:34

Very earthy strain. Good to have on hand when you wish to surprise a friend. Good quality.

04.11.2019 20:51

This was the first pre-roll I have purchase, burnt way better than the joints I roll. Sweet calming effects. No paranoia. I would purchase again.

11.01.2020 12:47

This was a nice head high, it's the type of smoke I find nice to have chill-out time with. Movies and snacks, or conversations and lunch with my fave out there friend are the most I was willing to do after this joint. Definitely would be sweet for an evening smoke.

17.03.2020 19:23

I prefer vape but like to try some pre-rolls with my friends. Enjoyable buzz and a nice burn. Very convenient. Would order again.

17.04.2020 16:18

I really dislike the automated rolling. Preroll papers leave a funny after taste and what a waste with a 3/4 inch filter. A pre-roll is handy in a pinch. Enjoy it!

01.05.2020 14:13

Earthy smell and nice taste. Smoked well, without harsh on the throat and lungs at all.

24.06.2020 21:19

Very decent rolls. give wonderful decompression to my body and soul.

21.07.2020 16:33

There’s nothing better than smoking a high-quality joint.

03.08.2020 12:51

Pre-rolls have a nice long-lasting and sedating high that is perfect for both socializing and slumping about.

28.09.2020 19:01

These rolls are exceptionally smooth with nice white smoke.

11.11.2020 20:09

The light body buzz is accompanied by a long-lasting cerebral effect, leaving me physically sedated without falling asleep.

01.12.2020 21:25

Rolls bring evident psychoactive effects for my body and mind)