Room 920 Lemon Ginger Tea with Amazonian Cubensis Mushroom 1g

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Type: Beverages
Brand: Room 920

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A mix of organic lemon grass, ginger and blue pea flowers blended with dried Amazonian mushrooms.

Organic Lemon Grass | Organic Ginger | Amazonian Cubensis | Organic Blue Pea Flowers

Suggested Dosing, tread lightly. 1-2 doses per bag.
Lab tested. Made in Canada. Order today.

10.01.2022 17:30

Love this stuff not bad taste. I add a little regular ice tea sometimes. It works fast but nice.

26.01.2022 12:31

Amazing product. Discreet and easy.

07.02.2022 15:32

I usually drink 2 of these while eating half of a 6G psilocybin Wonder bar. Awesome trip that lasts 4 hours!! Highly recommend!!

21.02.2022 19:31

This tea actually tasted pretty good, definitely smelled like mushrooms.

18.03.2022 09:39

Good start getting into mushrooms if you don't want too much nausea!

02.04.2022 13:50

Might try again with 2 packets, or might just get some regular shrooms.