Red Lebanese Hash

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Hashish is abundant all over the Middle East, Lebanon has become internationally known for its high quality. It all begins with cannabis cultivated in the heart of the valley of Baalbek – here, harsh conditions and un-ideal climate help landrace strains from the region develop thick coats of THC trichomes to defend against the elements.
There are two varieties of Lebanese Hash, Blonde (yellow) and Red, which are two separate stains, the key difference is that the products are made from cannabis plants harvested at different stages of their growth.
Blonde hash is made from younger cannabis plants and is higher in THC. In contrast, the Red Lebanese Hash is made from older plants and therefore contains higher traces of cannabinol (CBN) which offers greater relaxation.
The red color in Red Lebanese Hash comes from the natural drying and curing process of raw cannabis plants. During this process, they acquire a unique red tint from sunlight and their own natural pistils which give off an orange-reddish color. Once the hashish is processed, it is left to dry and properly cure. The Lebanese process of curing hashish can last anywhere between 4-8 months in total. This allows the hash to develop an ideal consistency and also to deepen its’ aroma and flavors and save natural woodiness and unique spicy terpenes. Having all these, Red Lebanese Hash provides an immaculate body stone and waves of relaxation which are very strong, in comparison to Moroccan hash.
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08.01.2022 18:40

Fire hash!

20.01.2022 14:37

Nice smell and decent buzz

09.02.2022 18:11

Unique color and heavy-hitting

22.02.2022 10:50

Fantastic smell and beautiful colour.

28.02.2022 16:12

Good stuff.

15.03.2022 12:39

Smells Great. Good buzz

23.03.2022 09:18

Good aroma. Gorgeous red velvet cupcake color.