Afghan Mazar Sharif Hash

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Type: Hash
Info:THC 34%

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A fresh and fragrant brand new drop from the Hash Man: Afghan Mazar Sharif Hash. Afghan hash (Hashish) is produced practically everywhere in and around Afghanistan - it is a tradition. The best kinds of Hash originate from the Northern provinces between the Hindu Kush and the Russian border. This stuff is so soft to the touch so be sure to keep it in a cool and dry place.

Typically, the plants, which are used for Hash production, are very small and bushy Indicas.

Afghanistan Hashish is pressed by hand under addition of a small quantity of tea or water.
The Hashish is worked on until it becomes highly elastic and has a strong aromatic smell. Black on the outside and soft brown inside. This stuff is special.

The smell is incredibly sweet. Some might mistake it for the smell of hot chocolate.

The effects are almost narcotic and produces a very physical and stony high. It's absolutely incredible to add some to a joint or smoke a bit in the pipe.

It's easy to underestimate the potency of Afghani since the high takes about 5 minutes to reach its full potential. So, PLEASE, use caution when smoking and don't smoke too much! Over-indulgence produces a mind-warping, immobilizing and narcotic effect.

30.01.2019 16:34

Very smooth & mellow high with a great taste.. Works well mixed in with a joint aswell

20.02.2019 15:38

Nice taste , long time don't see good product like this , thanks lady !

03.07.2019 23:19

This stuff is the bomb!!! Nice change up from burning buds. And hard to get in my area, but not at Lady Jane Express, I try to grab some every order. Great tasting hash that will leave you looking Chinese

25.01.2020 14:21

Very good hash and great service. Thanks Lady!

16.04.2020 19:35

Very good hash and great service. Thanks Lady!

24.05.2020 20:54

wesome product! The best Afghani! Will definitely buy it again.

18.07.2020 19:35

13.09.2020 21:49

So recognizable both the taste and smell. Thanks for the quality. I will buy more very soon.

25.11.2020 17:44

Awesome product! The best hash ever! Will definitely buy it again.

03.12.2020 15:55