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Frosty (AAAA)

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GRADE: AAAATHC: 22%CBD: 2%TYPE: Sativa 35%, Indica 65%
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Frosty Kush is a powerful sedative strain

Frosty Kush is the clear Indica dominated hybrid. It reveals the strengths of this type of marijuana: a powerful action, natural taste and instant effect. It is suitable only for experienced users who want to experience the maximum cerebral effect.

It will appeal to all those who are looking for new sensations and want to feel the full power of Indica. As a descendant of the famous Hindu Kush strain, this variety was obtained by crossing the legendary Indica strain with an unknown partner. Despite the average level of THC 20%-22%, the strain has a strong effect on the human body and mind. It's happen because of the high percentage of Indica.

Frosty is recommended to use for stress relief before you going to sleep

It will briefly introduce you to a euphoric state, but then it will allow you to plunge deeply into yourself. Frosry strain has a quick effect. A person experiences a feeling of pressure on his head, which then develops into complete relaxation of the whole body. The mood moves from euphorically fun to the philosophical and creative stage. In the end, the consumer goes to sleep.

Frosty Kush — Sativa 35%, Indica 65%, CBD-2%

Frosty Kush is used in the treatment of many conditions. For example, it helps with insomnia and relieves pain. The strain is specially popular with patients with chronic depression and stress. Initially, the strain had an earthen taste with the shade of damp. New plants provide raw materials that may have a sweet or pine flavor. The powerful effect of this variety amazes even experienced consumers. Also, many people like that the taste of marijuana can be different for different users. Someone feels the taste of cookies and candy, while others get options with pine and earthen notes.

Strain information:
Effects: Cerebral, Energetic, Sociable, Talkactive, Uplifting.
Flavors: Earthy, Pine, Pungent, Sweet.
Helps with: Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Nausea, Stress.

Frosty (AAAA)
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16.10.2018 08:28

“A lot of flavor to this strain I love the dense cookie smoke and heavy buds. It’s a head high but a good one we’re you can still function lol.”