YODA Extracts Funny Gummy

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Type: Edibles
Info:2 pieces of 150mg THC
Brand: Yoda Extracts


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Yoda Extracts Funny Gummies are enormously shaped gummy bears with high THC content (150mg THC/gummy). The package consists of 2 flavored gummies that can be used for sleep aid, chronic pain, inflammation, relaxation, and stress relief.

Available in:
- Cherry
- Lime
- Orange
- Strawberry
- Blueberry

Ingredients: Natural Spring Water, Gelatin, Corn Syrup, Organic Cannabis Extract, Natural Flavours and Colors, Sugar, Citris Acid.

Yoda Extracts makes cannabis edibles to help people live better, happier lives. Made in Canada. Try it now to compare.

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12.01.2020 15:59

Love these! I take one and I’m good for all day! Don’t make me sleepy but happy and relaxed! Definitely gonna buy more.

18.03.2020 19:49

It’s the first time try. I really like it! I need to take only 1 half to have a nice buzz. Wonderful taste like a regular gummy bear. Highly recommended!

02.04.2020 17:17

These bears are enormous! I will definitely be buying more. I've consumed other THC edibles before and they just made me feel dizzy(( but these gummies have absolutely no negative effects whatsoever. THX

21.06.2020 21:13

Excellent work! Sweet tasty meds! Thank you!

07.07.2020 14:19

I don't smoke. I usually eat edibles so when my husband said he would purchase this for me to help with sleep, pain and etc. I was all for it. It's my favourite meds now for sure.

18.07.2020 21:25

Awesome THC relaxation. Highly recommended.

13.08.2020 14:09

Super relaxing GREAT for pain. this is a great way to calm and relieve pain after a long stressful day. definitely for a night time use.

29.08.2020 10:37

Very helpful with chronic pain. I'm happy and giggly with my toddler. And finding myself in the garden more! In the summer! Oooooh, my new favorite!

17.09.2020 18:16

yummy! be careful - very strong. love it!

01.10.2020 19:08

Great for pain.

19.12.2020 21:09

Awesome taste and excellent buzz!