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Tetra Bites Gummies 40mg THC from Tetra Organics

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Type: Edibles 
Marijuana Gum, 1 package - 40mg THC, 4 candies
Tags: ConcentrateCBDCannabis

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Tetra Bites Gummies — grown in premium conditions on Canada’s Westcoast

Tetra Bites, from Tetra Organics are naturally flavoured Gummies. Each delicious tasting gummy, made with the highest quality natural products and flavours. Flavoured using medicine heavy turmeric and hibiscus flower for aroma. Appetizingly coloured with bold annatto seed and beet powder. All natural.

Consuming Gummies will produce a lengthy high that will end in a deep sleep. Along with the body high it produces, Gummies can be helpful in relieving pain, anxiety, and stress symptoms.

Tetra Bites Gummies 40mg THC from Tetra Organics
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23.02.2019 00:17

These are by far my favorite. I am a daily smoker and these got me wrecked. definitely eat these before bed or when do you dont need to go anywhere. get these while they are in stock!!

02.03.2019 15:38

Great candies, awesome bang for your buck and easy to cut if you just want a half dose. Great to giveaway to friends or a good starting point for people starting out with edibles.

23.08.2019 22:42

Found the perfect dose of these for myself. Helps me do yard work or sit and watch a movie