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Teddy Grams Gummy Bears 500mg

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Type: Edibles 
Info: Marijuana Gummies, 500mg THC total per bag, 100 mg each.
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Teddy Grams — Delicious Gummy Bears

Teddy Grams — cannabis-infused gummy bears of the highest grade edibles. Made in Canada. The producer is a licensed MMAR grower and their edible lab is held to the highest safety and health standards. They’re able to provide some of the best cannabis edibles because of their partnerships with institutions and healthcare professionals.

An excellent and easy to dose option for treating insomnia, pain, and to ease stress and anxiety away. Gummy Bears are amazing. Ideal for non-smokers. Enjoy responsibly. Buy Teddy Gramms Gummy Bears online in Canada now.

In 1 package - 5 pieces, 100 mg per piece, 500 mg total per bag.

Teddy Grams Gummy Bears 500mg
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27.07.2019 20:13

Tasty and works fast!! New favorite!

28.07.2019 18:27

LOVE these!! My boyfriend and I love taking these after dinner and having a good laugh 😉

30.07.2019 12:19

I suffer from a few ailments and these have given me some of my life back. These bears are potent/tasty.

31.07.2019 03:48

Nice. Better than other gummies. Flavour amaizing and good high. thankz Lady

31.07.2019 10:11

These gummy bears are infused with plenty of THC to get you high for a long time. Very Potent. There’s 500mg of THC per pack, split between 5 gummies. This makes it hard to control your dose, whether you want a light buzz or a full-scale mind and body high. So if you are beginner then start from half.

18.03.2020 20:14

These are the best bears I've come across! Really nailed me! No weed after taste. Awesome taste and wonderful work! I love it!

21.05.2020 15:11

I have some problems with my sleep. but this makes me feel naturally relaxed and much happier. I'll definitely use it.

12.08.2020 19:08

Yummy and definitely helpe me falling asleep much easier.

28.10.2020 20:54

Tasty and very effective for that price.