Teddy Grams Gummy Bears

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Type: Edibles
Info:Marijuana Gummies, 500mg THC total per bag, 100 mg each.
Brand: Teddy Grams

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Teddy Grams Gummy Bears combine all the qualities of some of the best edible gummies you can buy in Canada now. These yummy cannabis-infused gummies will very likely become your new favourite weed edibles once you try them.

Teddy Grams Gummy Bears are really tasty but have no unpleasant weedy aftertaste, plaguing many other weed edibles. At the same time, these little treats are really, really potent. Each package of Teddy Grams Gummy Bears contains five pieces with 100 mg of pure organic THC per piece, making it 500 mg of THC in total per bag. This amount of THC kicks in real fast and makes your high last much longer than some average weed gummy bears. You won’t have to wait too much for the desired effect as with other edibles containing lower doses of THC.

That’s why most customers of our online store give this product firm five stars, evaluating Teddy Grams Gummy Bears better than other gummies for their wonderful taste, effective and quick high and reasonable price.

Just one edible gummy in your tummy will certainly make you feel funny. Considering their potency, it is recommended to start from half a piece if you’re a beginner or aim to get some light-headed buzz, not some full-scale powerful relaxing high.

These outstanding gummy bears can satisfy a wide range of your needs, whether you plan to have some good recreational time laughing or plan to treat some specific ailments. Teddy Grams Gummy Bears are highly effective in guarding your sleep against insomnia, reducing your stress levels, alleviating anxiety symptoms and chronic pains. They bring fast and natural relaxation, eliminating stiffness in the body with pleasant waves of high and clearing your mind of stressful thoughts and negative emotions. This floating experience is perfect for a good restful sleep with vivid bright dreams.

What makes these gummies a perfect medicine is that they meet the highest safety and health standards. Non-smokers or patients with respiratory problems will certainly appreciate these gummies.

The price of Teddy Grams Gummy Bears is another reason to try these magnificent gummies. You get a full potent pack of five bears for $30. That means that one highly potent bear gummy from this pack will cost you as low as $6. Mind that if you buy goods over $150 from our online store, you also get free shipping, while the minimum order is $80. Order now and feel those unforgettable vibes from Teddy Grams Gummy Bears.

27.07.2019 21:13

Tasty and works fast!! New favorite!

28.07.2019 19:27

LOVE these!! My boyfriend and I love taking these after dinner and having a good laugh 😉

30.07.2019 13:19

I suffer from a few ailments and these have given me some of my life back. These bears are potent/tasty.

31.07.2019 04:48

Nice. Better than other gummies. Flavour amaizing and good high. thankz Lady

31.07.2019 11:11

These gummy bears are infused with plenty of THC to get you high for a long time. Very Potent. There’s 500mg of THC per pack, split between 5 gummies. This makes it hard to control your dose, whether you want a light buzz or a full-scale mind and body high. So if you are beginner then start from half.

18.03.2020 21:14

These are the best bears I've come across! Really nailed me! No weed after taste. Awesome taste and wonderful work! I love it!

21.05.2020 16:11

I have some problems with my sleep. but this makes me feel naturally relaxed and much happier. I'll definitely use it.

12.08.2020 20:08

Yummy and definitely helpe me falling asleep much easier.

28.10.2020 21:54

Tasty and very effective for that price.