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Type: Edibles
Info:10 pieces of 10mg THC
Brand: Mota


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Sour Blue Raspberry Soda Bottles are the most popular products in the world. These are an Indica edible and better suited for evening. These are small in size and contains 100mg THC Distillate per bag.

It helps in stimulating the mind and makes you feel relaxed. It reduces anxiety, helps you get rid of pain, inflammation, nausea, depression, stress, mental illness, and insomnia.

It has a delicious blue raspberry flavor. These sour blue soda bottles are perfect for social gatherings, candy buffets, or just for enjoying as a sweet treat. It is a delicious candy that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

About Mota

Island traditions of hands-on quality and conscientious patient care run deep at Mota. Each plant Mota grows or sources is carefully matched to ideal conditions for its genetics, and then raised to maturity with pristine care. All derivative cannabis products are made the same way – with a passionate focus on quality, purity and consistency. Mota began by helping a small group of patients – people we knew well; friends who depended on us to produce the best cannabis products and medication possible.

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11.08.2019 13:47

Love Mota products. The taste was alright. No strong weed taste or smell. A nice body buzz, very enjoyable. Long-lasting effect.

25.01.2020 21:22

Was very excited about the blue raspberry flavor! These gummies got me slept like a baby.

06.03.2020 17:59

Husband likes them, great buzz, not my fave taste.

09.04.2020 17:00

So yummy and gives a nice mellow high which is relaxing.gummies no weed aftertaste so that’s a bonus as well. I will definitely be ordering these again!

09.06.2020 21:12

Mild high with perfect cbd effects, Good candy for beginners as it tastes just like a normal candy but gets you high.

22.07.2020 20:27

I love the sour tang! The high was nice and mellow, lots of giggles, and a nice fuzzy feeling. I took 2 at the beginning of my night and then another one a few hours later and I did not find these overpowering.

20.09.2020 21:12

Excellent flavour. Easy to dose for going out in public or when you need to be discrete. I don’t get a huge high just a nice bit of relaxing buzz.

17.10.2020 13:14

Extremely tasty! I took 2 at a time. would buy it again.