Mota Sugar Free Vegan Jelly 120mg THC

6 customers reviews
Type: Edibles
Info:120mg of THC
Brand: Mota

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Mota Sugar Free Jelly. 120 MG of THC Great for those candy lovers who are searching for a sugar-free option. These gummies resemble jumbo lego blocks.

11.05.2022 12:46

Taste good. No odd taste!

22.07.2022 19:28

my granddad will only eat the weed as gellies and we ordered him 6 so he could finally relax.

14.08.2022 11:01

Nice body high with a pretty tasty treat.

29.08.2022 14:56

Mota makes the whole high more relaxing.

09.10.2022 16:34

This is a good pack for the body and mind.

01.11.2022 18:07

Mota makes fantastic products!