Mota Milk Chocolate Bar 85mg CBD

$16 — $79
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Type: Edibles
Info:85mg of CBD
Brand: Mota

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Everybody knows that chocolate and cannabis make a dynamic couple. A consistent dose of CBD makes this bar the chocolate lover's go-to medication without the psychoactive effects of THC. Each order includes one bar, and is available in either milk or dark chocolate.

11.08.2022 19:11

Love this! the taste is amazing!

29.08.2022 08:11

The taste is amazing and it does work. I prefer CBD capsules but this product is good for inflammation and anxiety. Highly recommend.

06.09.2022 19:50

Parents loved it. Asked me to order more.

21.09.2022 08:58

I used this when I was having some really bad anxiety and joint pain and this helped me lessen it to a significant degree that I could relax. Best of all it’s a nice Milk Chocolate.