Mota Jelly 120mg THC

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Type: Edibles
Info:120mg of THC
Brand: Mota

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Made from scratch, these jellies are infused with 120mg of THC, available in Sativa and Indica. Each package contains one jelly and is available in a range of delicious flavours. Intended for high tolerance patients, however also great for low tolerance users when split into smaller doses. Great way for patients to find a dosage that works best for them. Each order includes one jelly.

Insomnia | Stress | Anxiety | Pain | Inflammation | Depression | Appetite Loss | Euphoric| Nausea

28.06.2022 11:53

These have a little bit of everything in them, resulting in a well-rounded high.

13.08.2022 12:44

It's perfect for an evening hangout.

01.09.2022 13:21

Honestly one of the best edibles I’ve had, the taste is great!

25.09.2022 20:12

Amazing! 2 jellies are enough for a few hours))

22.10.2022 20:13

I take one of these after the gym each week to have a good time biking home.

04.11.2022 15:51

They're very effective and delicious!

11.11.2022 18:14

I ordered the mango gummy and they came in the mail fast.