High Heals THC Gummy Candy 300 - 1000mg

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Type: Edibles
Info:1O random gummie's
Brand: High Heals

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Liquid centre cannabis-infused gummy edibles offer a completely new way to experience cannabis. Our gummies are full of flavour and include a yummy liquid centre which will not leave you indifferent. 

Each gummy is precisely measured to have the specified amount of lab-tested full spectrum THC distillate. One tin consists of 10 random multi-flavoured gummie's with flavours like orange, cherry, mixed berry, lemon, blueberry and grapefruit.  High Heals THC Gummy available in 300mg or 1000mg THC. 

Order High Heals THC Gummy today. Very delicious.

09.07.2022 15:56

This gets you relax and high but an awesome high. Your in your own world!!!

10.09.2022 20:17

I become calm and peaceful within 30 to 40 min.and then I eventually fell asleep

23.09.2022 10:48

Good product from a good company.

10.10.2022 13:58

Great tasting. I can take one of the in the morning to level out my anxiety. Very high quality.

15.10.2022 18:31

Great Stuff!! Try it yourself it makes you feel happier for a while. I highly recommend this product.

31.10.2022 21:26

These gummies are the strongest and best I have taken so far. I recommend to anyone in pain or having issues sleeping