Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bars 500mg THC Vegan Mint Dark

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Type: Edibles
Info:Full Spectrum 500mg/85g
Brand: Euphoria Extractions


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A bar that reaches higher for our edible-experienced consumers. Shatter all expectations as these new Sugar-Free Vegan Dark Chocolate pieces melts in your mouth. Toss one of these in your purse or pack and never be without your potent partner. Finally, an edible that suits your Vegan/keto lifestyle without compromise. Sugar-free, so you can skip the carbs while staying elevated!

Euphoria Extractions promises lab-tested, full spectrum extracts from the finest Canadian sources. After years of testing different extraction methods, strains, and ingredients, EE has fine-tuned the chocolate bars to the perfect combination of flavour and effect. With 24 squares, these bars are easy to manage and contain a potent 250mg and 500mg of Lab Tested Full Spectrum Extract.

Ingredients: unsweetened chocolate, malitol (a natural sweetener), cocoa butter, soy lecithin (an emulsifier), natural vanilla flavour, mint syrup, natural flavour, cannabic extract.  May contain milk, soy, wheat, nuts & tree nuts.

Directions/Suggested Use:
Tolerance may vary. It is recommended to eat 1 square of infused chocolate and wait up to 2 hours to feel its effects before consuming more. The experience can last several hours.

What’s In The Package:

  • For 500 mg bars
  • 24 square pieces per bar 
  • 20.8mg Extract per piece

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22.01.2020 19:04

I love this brand!! Wonderful experience with every bite!

18.03.2020 21:17

Awesome bars! Efficient to relax and sleep.

26.04.2020 20:17

It's a little waxy but the dark chocolate flavor overcomes that. Very helpful with my insomnia)

20.06.2020 21:44

This is my favorite edible of all-time. Despite being " vegan " these bars are actually still tasty. Indica bars give me some pretty incredible sleep. Sativa - energy, and ability to pass a hard day)

02.09.2020 17:09

Bars are excellent. Amazing taste and buzz also. Keep in the fridge and enjoy!

25.10.2020 15:35

Great choco-prod! No sugar! Wonderful sweet buzz) Gentle meds)

09.11.2020 21:22

I am trying to find the most consistent and best bars ever. 2 sativa pieces get me up and creative for at least 3 hours. 2 indicas take me to sleep very nicely.