Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bars 250-500-1200mg THC

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Type: Edibles
Info:Full Spectrum 500mg/85g
Brand: Euphoria Extractions

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What Are Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bars And Why They Stand Out Among Edibles To Buy In Canada?

Euphoria Extractions is a trademark known in Canada for a combination of all the qualities of the perfect edible. Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bars taste like heaven and can get you as high.

Just put one chocolate square on the tongue and let it melt – and it will kick in much faster than some regular edible due to the mucosal absorption.

The following long steady high is the perfect aftertaste with huge potential for both recreation and medicinal issues. You can treat a large gathering at the party at once or keep it for yourself to use daily. In this case, one bar will be enough for weeks.

Each Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bar costs only $ 40 and consists of 24 pieces containing 20.8 mg THC each, making 500 mg of sheer THC in total. These amazing treats are available in Sativa and Indica variations, depending on your needs in exciting cerebral or calming body high. Buying this chocolate is really money-saving because if you divide the price of one bar per 24 pieces, you’ll see that medicating yourself with one powerful square will cost you less than $2.

Whether you prefer Sativa or Indica-infused shatter bars, Euphoria Extractions carefully lab-tests their full-spectrum euphoria extracts in each batch so you can be sure of the highest quality each time you buy them from our online store.

But that’s not the only reason why Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bars in Canada are considered to be in the league of the best marijuana edibles. The thing is that they’re also really, really tasty, so be sure to keep them away from the reach of the little sweet-tooths, who might be unsuspecting of the real potential of this powerful chocolate. In any case, the best place to store this type of chocolate should be dry, cool, and dark, and then their shelf life is up to 4 months. Otherwise, they might lose their healing properties much faster.

Both Indica and Sativa-infused Euphoria Extractions Shutter Bars are also available in three magnificent tastes:

  • Euphoria Extractions Cookies And Green. In this type of chocolate by Euphoria Extractions, cookie crumbs play the central role in the taste with creamy hints and a gentle green note.
  • Milk Chocolate. This chocolate has the most pronounced taste of cream out of all of these three variations. They will definitely do for those who are really into milk chocolate, perfectly camouflaging the note of the Sativa or Indica euphoria extract with sweetness and milkiness.
  • Toffee Crunch. Fans of home-cooked sweet treats will surely appreciate this unforgettable taste with caramel notes. It also tastes a bit like brittle because the bars may contain some nuts and tree nuts.

All of these mentioned products also contain milk. So, if you require 100% vegan options, Euphoria Extractions has something to offer as well – Euphoria Extractions Vegan Shatter Bars or Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bars Vegan Mint Dark, both containing the same 500 mg of THC for the same price of $39.

30.01.2020 09:45

I’m in love, my new favourite chocolate bar:) nothing really gave me a good buzzz till now... till this creamy delicious chocolate bar, just let it melt in your mouth. Quick and lasting high. The Sativa gives a good head high for a few hours and slowly eases into a body high for a good night sleep after partying or a movie. Recommended.

08.03.2020 20:48

Wonderful product by all means. I'm suffeing with horrible chemo side effects. Using this product I’m able to relax and sleep like a baby. Highly recommend.

23.04.2020 21:12

it was a very relaxing high. Helped me to calm so I didn't think about my pain as much.

19.06.2020 15:13

Love these bars! Strength is always the same. No complaints ever. Highly recommend!

31.07.2020 21:17

Delicious 2 squares are perfect in the evening with my tea to give me a mellow way to fall asleep peacefully. These bars have great long-lasting effects. Definitely, will buy again.

02.08.2020 18:15

I love these bars, always helps me to relax and sleep well. Make sure you have snacks. So important!!

05.08.2020 14:13

The chocolate bars were very good and I had a relaxing evening after about an hour and a half. A bit strong so I must cut back my amount but I am enjoying the edibles more than the smoking. Thank you

08.08.2020 20:47

Euphoria Extractions are very good chocolate bars that actually make sense to get. You get the same thing every time, lab-tested, great high. the milk chocolate is much creamier. Cookies and green are sort of like cookies and creme taste.

10.11.2020 20:27

I'm fairly happy with everything. Great taste and effects. Always a must with every order!