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Buuda Bomb Gummies 250mg THC

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Type: Edibles 
Info: 10 pieces of 25mg THC

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Buuda Bomb Gummies

Pineapple Thunder
Apparently lightning doesn't strike the same place twice. Well, for us, it's zapped nine times.

This is Pineapple Thunder - our 9th gummy flavour - packed with the adult fun and organic ingredients you've grown to love along with a big splash of sweet pineapple. Get ready, because this perfect storm is about to make landfall on your tastebuds.

Watermelon Blast
Our watermelon flavour is a refreshing bite of sweet goodness. Made with all of the vegan and organic ingredients that make our gummies delicious and healthy. But the best part? We left out the seeds.

Rippin Red Raspberry
Made with the same taste defying formula as our popular Blue Raspberry gummies, these bad boys taste the same but are twice the fun.

It'll have you seeing red but don't worry, thanks to BuudaBomb's Super PureTM Distilled THC, it's only good times ahead on this space mission. So in the famous words of Barney Stinson, "suit up!".

  • 10 cannabis-infused gummies
  • Each bag contains 250mg of THC
  • Made with vegan and organic ingredients


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Buuda Bomb Gummies 250mg THC
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13.01.2020 16:11

The perfect way to start my day with Buuda products! Wonderful flavors! I felt comfortable with the smaller dose since I am new to THC. Highly recommended!

19.03.2020 21:41

Helps perfectly with my anxiety

22.05.2020 18:19

Amazing! Delicious! Definitely will get the pack of the gummies again.

12.06.2020 14:41

Favorite flavor & pleasant effect. Love it.

29.07.2020 12:12

I’ve tried the raspberry and pineapple flavours. Both are fantastic! Will buy again.

13.08.2020 13:09

I had watermelon and was rocked. I have a high tolerance.. great stuff.

23.08.2020 19:22

Really good gummies. Not strong aftertaste. They’re actually really yummy, and they kick in fast!

08.09.2020 11:47

The pineapple ones were delicious!

21.09.2020 15:59

out of all the gummies, these have to be my favourite

16.10.2020 07:20


19.10.2020 17:21

TASTY! The pineapple ones are delicious!