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Boost Edibles is a Canadian cannabis company with a dedication to providing premium gourmet, cruelty-free cannabis-infused edibles. It infuses each and every one of their products with some of the purest, cleanest, and strongest distillate extracts available. Medical and recreational cannabis lovers everywhere can benefit from the many therapeutic benefits of Boost Edibles products. From chocolates and gummies to tinctures, Boost has everything you could ever ask for! Best of all, when you purchase a Boost Edible, you’re indulging in a product that’s as safe as it is potent and delicious!

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, edibles have become one of the most popular and highly sought-after methods of cannabis consumption. Unfortunately, many cannabis edible companies mislead customers with products full of harmful ingredients and inaccurate dosages. And they don’t even taste good! Luckily, Boost Edibles is an industry leader in terms of the quality, consistency, and safety of their edibles. In addition to potent cannabis extract, you’ll get to experience a beautiful and full-bodied flavor profile in every single bite. Why should you have to sacrifice your taste buds to enjoy the vast benefits of cannabis? The only downside of Boost Edibles is how easy it is to forget they’re medicated!

All Boost Edibles products contain distillate extract from some of Canada’s finest organic cannabis plants. Boost prides themselves on forming strong relationships with the country’s most experienced and trustworthy farmers to produce truly exquisite edibles. This means your edible contains extract from plants grown without the use of any pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs. Also, Boost works with farmers who employ only the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly growing practices.

Explore the sweeter side of cannabis with the help of Boost Edibles. Purchase from one of their many proud vendors today and enjoy an edible experience that’s out of this world!

Strawberries are known for their fresh, crisp, and watery taste. With Strawberry flavored gummies from Boost, you’ll have that same fresh taste bud experience with an amazing THC follow up with every bite! Take these lovely gummy with you for summer day outings and unwind with the sweet aroma of your new favorite THC dosed gummy! These amazing Strawberry gummies include a quality dose of THC (Hybrid) distillate with the perfect touch of sweet fruity goodness crafted for the best grade high consumers may seek.

Fruit flavors like strawberry aren’t for everyone, but for those who enjoy a tender juicy start or mood enhancer, then Boost Strawberry Gummies are for you! Kick your feet up and pop a few of these juicy chunks and enjoy the sweet high that leaves you relaxed and in good spirits! These gummies give you the perks of a fruity sugar high with a quality experience THC infused high.

Crisp strawberry taste and a non-overwhelming high; what more could you ask for?! Boost Strawberry Gummies are packaged discreetly for travel and ready to be yours. Why not give a little weed sugar a taste?

Sour Green Apple
Unlike other gummies, you don’t have to worry about tough chewing, or crumby sour sugar falling off everywhere. The Sour Green Apple Gummies carry a punch with each bite where you don’t have to fight to chew or grow anxious about the high! Fifteen 150mg THC infused bites come packed and ready for your taking. It comes neatly packed in a cute tin container making it a great compact carrier to keep handy in your purse, book bag, or back pocket! You can whip this bad boy out on a fun night car ride or even on a nice chill day on the promenade.

These tender gummy chunks of sourness make for the perfect combo of a chewy spicy nibble!  A little sour fun is necessary from time to time so why not make Sour Green Apple your next favorite go-to, or on the go pick me up when you’re chilling alone or hanging with the crew?

So before you second guess yourself, dive right in and snatch up Boost’s Sour Green Apple Gummies to get started on your next amazing potent high!

Sour Watermelon
Watermelon has been universally recognized as summertime or perfect weather day fruit! Unlike other fruit flavorings, Boost’s Sour Watermelon effortlessly provides a much-needed burst of grade A high with tanging juicy bites. Nothing’s wrong with a little dapple on the sour side of the summertime. Enhance your summertime and outdoor vibes with these awesome sweet pieces!

Made with star quality ingredients including perfectly potent THC (Hybrid) distillate and sweet sugar, when you add the tarty sour flavor, you are in for a treat of the taste buds and of the mind! Uplift your mind and mood with these pieces of sour elation and relaxation. Enjoy the 100% watermelon aroma while cruising on a quick high. This small THC dose provides a manageable high and the tart sour taste keeps you alert but euphoric!

Boost Sour Watermelon gummies are made for a fresh outdoor treat! You will get the tingly fluttering tongue with a light daze for ultimate unwinding time.

Boost Cherry Gummies with THC leads you to a pleasant repose where you can feel less tense. The bright red gummy candy tastes wonderful along with other Boost delicious fruity flavors! You can use this THC product for moments of major anxiety or short instances where you feel your body doesn’t want to cooperate with you. The perfectly matched low THC dosage combined with insanely awesome taste allows you to gain that control through a clean THC experience. These gummies pass along awesome flavor, stress management, and alleviates anxiety patterns that would otherwise spoil your mental awareness and emotional well being.

Take time today to explore the fruity escape of Boost Cherry Gummies distinctly made with a low but perfectly matched amount of amazing THC isolate. You will be able to have another option to take a mental note of that can help you with a range of medicinal, bodily control, and relief! These gummies were made with that luxurious cherry aroma that lures you into a sweet peace packed with a dope amount of THC self-care in every bite.

Variety Pack
Can’t decide what flavor of THC-packed gummies you want to indulge in? You don’t have to! With Boost Variety Pack of THC gummies, you can try them all in one convenient package. Containing four of their most popular flavors–sour watermelon, sour green apple, cherry, and strawberry–you can get a delicious 10 mg. dose of pure THC distillate in every gummy.

Each chewy candy is naturally flavored and made with only the highest-quality THC distillate that Boost trusts within their products. No matter which flavor you choose, you’re likely to experience full boosts of euphoria, creativity, and a complete mood enhancement; though, every person’s experience with edibles is different, so you will just have to try them for yourself.

Boost THC makes their gummies with simple, safe ingredients. Each gummy is made with Citric acid, Ascorbic acid, gelatin, natural coloring, glucose syrup, MCT oil, sugar, and THC distillate.

Super juicy, sweet, and easy to chew, Boost Gummy Variety Pack is ideal for enjoying cannabis in a discreet and convenient way, whether you’re about to go to bed or start a 10-mile hike. Simply take one (or two, we don’t judge) gummies from the tin of your choice and enjoy. Wait between an hour or two to feel effects and then let the THC do its magic. Before you know it, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear because of Boost deliciously potent and fruity treats.

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