Quanta CBD Muscle Rub + CBD Vape Pen

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Info: Muscle Rub - 28gm | 150mg CBD
Vape Pen - 500mg CBD
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Quanta 500mg CBD VAPE PEN
Quanta CBD Muscle Rub

- No other accessories necessary.
- This pen should last you a month with daily use.

An ultra-premium CBD oil product containing naturally-derived cannabidiol (CBD). Packed with  pain fighting, natural ingredients to help manage pain, swelling, ease muscle tension, this simple product will help with anxiety relief as well. Quanta’s vape’s are tempered glass disposable vapes with large intake holes designed not to leak and engineered to vape potent oils and thicker concentrates, while maximizing the amount of vape per hit.

  • 100% Natural Product Ingredients
  • Pure Hemp derived CBD Oil
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Blend of Essential Oils
  • 1 x 500mg QUANTA CBD Cartridge


  • INHALABLE VAPE - fastest delivery method of cbd into the body.
  • POLARIZED CBD - INCREASED BIOACTIVITY -  better and faster absorption compared to non-polarized products.    
  • LAB TESTED 100% CLEAN Naturally GROWN HEMP -  no thc, no mold or pesticides.
  • 100% NATURAL PRODUCT - no synthetic carriers like pg, peg or glycerin.

Ingredients: 50% Active CBD, 49% Organic Hemp Oil, Organic essential oil for flavor.

Reduce your pain and  — CBD Quanta Muscle Rub

Quanta Muscle Rub is the newest CBD-based agent made in combination with Arnica, Turmeric and essential oils. It has an excellent analgesic effect and improves overall health. The Rub was created after a cannabis manufacturing plant found out that CBD has an analgesic effect. This type includes pure CBD, which is extracted from both types of cannabis.

Quanta Muscle Rub was created in the laboratory of Burlington Lazer Clinic. It is based on pure CBD, as well as herbal extracts and essential oils.

Special features Quanta CBD Muscle Rub

Quanta Muscle Rub is based on the unique Quanta technology. It allows scientists to work on CBD at the molecular level, maximizing the beneficial properties of the oil. Quanta Muscle Rub differs from other types by a number of advantages. It instantly relieves pain. The positive effect persists for several hours.

Quanta Muscle Rub refers to painkillers, but also has additional effects. It supports the overall tone of the body and does not allow people to get tired. Also, CBD improves makes the user vigorous.

Medical use of Quanta CBD Muscle Rub

Created for medicinal purposes, Quanta Muscle Rub is used to relieve muscle tension, cramps and pain. It is well suited to patients with fibromyalgia, arthritis, or athletes who have pulled muscles during the training.

Like any pure cannabis oil, this strain does not have a pronounced taste. Shades of taste and smell are given by the essential oils contained in the composition. The aroma will also not be strong, since smoking occurs with a vape pen.

The first thing all consumers mention is a great analgesic effect. The strain performs its function well and relieves muscle spasms, chronic pain and other unpleasant sensations. Pure CBD — 150 mg.

Quanta CBD Muscle Rub + CBD Vape Pen
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25.03.2019 14:38

Use both products in conjunction with one another. I put the Quanta CBD muscle rub on my ankles, knees, and shoulder an hour before any workout. Then I take a few hits on the CBD vape pen right before the workout. Finally, I apply the muscle rub again after my workout is complete. I can honestly say this has kept me pain free for 2 months straight.

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