Herb Angels Quantum FS CBD Distillate Syringe Oral

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Type: Distillate Syringes
Brand: Herb Angels

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Undiluted and unflavoured. Available in natural or flavoured. Crude/Raw whole-plant cannabis extract. Using fractional distillation, cannabinoids are stripped from terpenes and wax to derive pure THC. All-natural Flavour, cannabis-derived products are anti-inflammatory and can help with acute and chronic pain. The product contains medical cannabis which may cause intoxicating effects.

11.03.2022 11:50

it keeps me asleep but does not put me to sleep mostly takes my anxiety way down.

13.08.2022 18:28

It helps me get a good night's sleep and relieves a lot of those "little" pains like joint and muscle aches and a sore lower back.

18.09.2022 15:31

I have tried other CBD oils that have had minimal effect, or help for a short time and then don’t work anymore. This product, I take the same dose every night and it is superbly effective.

09.10.2022 20:07

It relaxes me so much!

22.10.2022 09:42

My daily aches and pains were relieved after only about 20 minutes from the first time I used it.