Candrops CBD 1000mg In 30ml Bottle

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TYPE: Oil, MCT Coconut Oil
Tags: Oil, CBD Tincture
Available in: 30ml | 1000mg CBD

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Candrops MCT Coconut Oil. CBD Tincture. 30ml. 1000mg CBD

Suggested Usage: Start with a low dosage 2.5mg*. Place drops under your tounge and let the oil rest for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. Buy CBD Tincture online. 

General Health: 2,5—15mg CBD | Chronic pain: 2,5—20mg CBD | Sleep Disorders: 40—160mg CBD
*20 mg is approx. a full dropper

 CBD: Cannabidiol | Carrier Oil: MCT Coconut Oil


Candrops CBD 1000mg In 30ml Bottle
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24.11.2018 23:48

Love using these drops for a good night's sleep, stress, and/or anxiety. Great product to use a day or two after heavy exercise when my body is sore.