Pink God AAA+

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Type: CannabisHybrid,
Info:THC 20%, Indica 80%, Sativa 20%
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Bred in British Columbia, this strain is the result of the crossing between God Bud and Pink Kush. A delight to the senses, the Pink God strain is Canadian’s favorite for its pain-relieving effects. Thanks to an average of 20-26% THC content, this Indica bud will have you embracing god and melting all the stress of the day away.
The tasty Pink God is a fruity strain with earthy undertones and a strong tropical flavor. Just like many other Indica strains, these sweet aromas can be sensed once you open the jar.
A rush of euphoria and heavy body relaxation is the most prominent effects of the powerful Pink God strain. Although new users might feel a little overwhelmed by its fast effects, this strain won’t create a heavy couch-lock. As opposite, it will take your mind and body to a mellow state to help you unwind and stay calm. However, high doses of the Pink God strain may take you to bed.

In terms of medical effects, this fruity bud is perfect for stress and pain relief. In addition, users have found it a great treatment for depression and insomnia.

In addition, Pink God’s terpene profile is just as amazing as its effects. Limonene serves as an antidepressant and regulates anxiety. Then, the spicy caryophyllene has strong analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects. Lastly, the rare humulene is a terpene with outstanding effects. This compound has antibacterial properties and has even been shown to be a potential treatment against tumor growth.

Strain Information:

  • Hybrid: Indica 80% / Sativa 20%
  • THC: 23-26%
  • Grade Quality: AAA

Effects - Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric, Sleepy, Uplifted
May Relieve - Depression, Pain, Insomnia, Lack of appetite
Flavors - Sweet, Earthy, Flowery
22.02.2021 18:50

soooo good for anxiety. i've never experienced anything like this strain.

01.04.2021 18:40

I'm always anxious when I try cannabis. I took one small hit of this and was perfect. It gave me a relaxed numb feeling in the back of my head, then time just slowed down and I melted in my chair.

15.04.2021 12:21

Has a harsh bite for smokers buy vapor connoisseurs will appreciate this strains sweet, earthy, skunky taste and deep lung expansion

16.05.2021 15:38

very good balance for treating my PTSD.

26.05.2021 19:45

One of my all-time favorite strains! Well rounded for taste and effects. A couple of hits and I'm set for the night.

10.06.2021 15:42

Very good Indica dominant strain. Good strong high and a nice taste. Dense buds with a very strong pungent aroma.

17.08.2021 12:47

She stomped my depression with full force leaving me happy to live with my HF autism.

21.09.2021 18:50

The high is very potent. The batch I had was EXTREMELY 🌺! Will recommend this friends, won't recommend this to novices.

17.10.2021 09:42

The effects come on after the first 10 - 15 minutes really euphoric, wakes me up for a bit then brings me down hard, extremely relaxing good for pain.