Pink Death AAAA+

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Type: Cannabis
Info: THC 20%, Indica 70%, Sativa 30%
Tags: Pre-RollHashVapes 

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Pink Death is a very strong Indica-dominant strain. Real old school weed for true lovers. Indica-dominant strains of cannabis are known for their ability to produce a 'body high'. These strains are often prescribed medicinally for the treatment of physical pain and anxiety-related disorders. Indica - 70%, Sativa - 30%. THC levels range between 23%-25%. A cross between Pink Kush and Death Bubba.

Smelling like sweet pine and earthy musk, this dank bud is covered in white trichomes and brown hairs. The nugs are also quite dense and spongy.

A definite couch locker and appetite stimulant. Great for pain relief. Effective treatment for a number of things including, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Depression, Fatigue, Stress, Multiple Sclerosis, Pain Relief, Stress/PTSD, Chronic Pain, and Anxiety.

Order today the awesome and potent strain Pink Death.

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10.04.2020 15:28

Honestly, best quality I've ever had. It's my absolute favorite smoke to help me sleep. Great taste and hits you in the brain like a truck. Friendly and helpful customer service on top of everything which made the overall experience even more positive and seamless.

12.04.2020 04:56

If you are looking for some of the absolute best relaxation & sleep aid I'd seriously recommend Pink Death. Heavy indica that actually has a nice cerebral touch as well.

14.04.2020 14:22

Not the strongest strain I've ever smoked but the effects are so perfectly balanced for my needs and preferences that it is pure heaven every time. The high is cozy, moderate, calm, and long-lasting.

16.04.2020 04:51

One puff already makes my body loosen up. It just presses all the right buttons for me. It helps with my pain and insomnia but it also improves my mood.