Maui Wowie AAAA

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Type: CannabisHybridAAAA
Info:THC 15-19%, Indica 20%, Sativa 80%
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Maui Waui cannabis strain is an 80/20 Sativa dominant marijuana hybrid, also known as Maui Wowie. This marijuana was bred in Hawaiian islands in 1960's. Her dominant Sativa genetics delight with energetic, psychoactive high.

The herb is easy to grow: she is mold resistant, takes 10 weeks to finish flowering, produces moderate yields. This kush grows pale green buds, they smell of sweet citrus with hints of pine and herbal. Maui Waui marijuana strain is perfect for daytime & weekend chill out.

Frequent users of Maui Waui report a happy and energetic high that can also increase creativity. It provides a light and pleasant body numbing sensation as well as a strong case of the stereotypical 'munchies.' Users may expect dry eyes and mouth and possible paranoia. Some also encounter dizziness and headaches when consuming larger doses or edibles.

The Sativa effects of this strain can relieve stress, anxiety, and chronic depression. Maui Waui's Indica side may be useful for easing minor chronic aches and pains. It is also used to stimulate appetite in those with anorexia and other eating disorders. Some users also use Maui Waui as medication for chronic migraine.

Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric, Energetic, Creative

 May Relieve 
Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Fatigue

Lemon, Pineapple, Herbal, Pine 

11.07.2020 08:30

This strain is unbelievably good. Harvested some a week or two ago and tried it for the first time in my vaporizer and BOOM!!! it literally to all of my worries away. The taste is very sweet and tropical.

12.07.2020 18:12

Pain relief yes, fresh pineapple flavor is strange, cause it is like smoking a fruit. floating along as if on a boat!!!

15.07.2020 14:10

This is top shelf!!! I thought I plugged my finger into a socket and was super charged! This was awesome to smoke! Highly recommend!

17.07.2020 19:12

I just wish the effects were a bit stronger and even more energetic and euphoric. it’s a good sativa flower for beginners. I give it 5 stars in taste and 4 in effects out of 5.

19.07.2020 12:13

First time try and it took the anxiety totally away very relaxed like I climbed out of my shell took about 50% of pain the way have very bad spinal damage headache subsided lower lumbar somewhat neutral thanks again Ladyjane!!

20.07.2020 10:10

The best weed I have smoked. It's lovely. Burns beautiful. Smells lovely. Not overly pungent. Light on the piney. Soothing. Mellow creative drifting high.

22.07.2020 18:18

The best strain so far to be my muse.makes me motivated and creative.

24.07.2020 14:02

This is pretty close to the best as far as fulfilling my needs. I find that it gives me the extra power I need to accomplish all my tasks. an awesome peppery taste.

27.07.2020 12:47

An excellent sativa variety. One of my favorites. The immediate effect is uplifting and energizing and helps with depression. You can't go wrong with this, it will keep you moving all day and night without racing effects.