Baby Yoda OG AAAAA

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Type: CannabisHybridAAAA
Info:THC 30%, Indica 90%, Sativa 10%

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Merely a foundling, the child no one knows… Don’t be fooled by it’s appearance, Baby Yoda OG has a force not to be dealt with lightly. When Baby Yoda OG’s true colours are shown, consumers will be hit with a consistent heavy body sensation that will put you to sleep. Pray that the Mandalorian is safe because you won’t be saving him today. Baby Yoda is an Indica cannabis strain with a potent and sedative onset of effects. Baby Yoda has been reviewed by both medical and recreational consumers to be an ideal strain for night-time use right before bed. Although not much information is available regarding this Indica-dominant strain's origins, it's slightly reminiscent of strains such as Watermelon Zkittlez or 91 Tahoe. Due to Baby Yoda's strong, Indica-dominant characteristics, it's buds are typically smaller in shape but densely packed with a frosting of golden trichomes, vivid yellow-orange pistils, and bright green with slight but noticeable tinges of violets and purples. Adequately cultivated batches of Baby Yoda will produce sweet and earthy flavors and aromas. Consumers who have had the chance to indulge in Baby Yoda's buds have said it's an ideal strain to treat ailments such as Insomnia and stress. In the Baby Yoda cannabis strain, dominant terpenes are Beta-Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Alpha-Pinene, while THC percentages tend to reach levels of up to 30%.

06.05.2022 14:17

this strain quickly reminds me why indicas are the shit. Not only are all my muscles relaxing/releasing tension, but as my body feels better, my mental health also seems to improve with a good-hearted outlook on life as time seems to slow down and nature takes center stage. Not a couch potato like others just gets you so relaxed you want to savor your peaceful state =)

27.05.2022 11:30

Pretty strong strain, but one of the best if you're really looking for a good sleep. Although smoking a lot when you wake up it can make you feel really groggy.

10.07.2022 17:12

I love that I DO NOT feel it in my head. In a sense I almost feel sober but just my body has a great calm relaxation to it. Highly recommend to people who “over think” when they smoke

02.09.2022 13:48

This guy is a hugger. Things slow down and your body starts to just want to chill. Great for my arthritis.

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